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Moderadores De Flujo

Moderadores de Flujo y Relleno de Tubos
Flow Moderators & Filling Tubes


Flow Moderators The Flow Moderator is used with each ALZET pump. It is comprised of a stainless steel tube with a plastic cap and/or flange on one end, depending on the pump model. Its purpose is twofold. The stainless steel tube provides capillary action, which prevents the test solution from leaking out of the pump reservoir. The steel tube also provides a means for attaching a catheter to all models of ALZET pump.

Flow Moderators & Filling Tubes

Filling Tubes

The Filling Tube is a blunt-tipped needle that is cut to the appropriate length depending on the size of the pump. It has a hub for attaching to a syringe.
Flow Moderators & Filling Tubes

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