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ALZET Catheters


Via a catheter, ALZET Osmotic Pumps can deliver substances into vessels, spinal cord, cerebral ventricles and brain parenchyma, and other organs or tissues. DURECT Corporation offers a range of specialized catheters, compatible with ALZET pumps, to enable targeted delivery to a variety of sites. ALZET pumps can be attached to catheter tubing with I.D ranging from 0.58 mm to 0.76 mm(0.023"-0.030").

Polyethylene (PE) and Vinyl Tubing
Medical grade PE and Vinyl tubing, the most common catheter types used in laboratory animal research, are available sterile, individually packaged, and ready to use.

Features & Benefits:
  • Sterile
  • Medical grade
  • Pre-cut to 15 cm lengths
  • Individually packaged
  • Ready to use
  • Fit all pump models
PE and Vinyl Tubing Specifications


Order No. 


Outside Diameter 

Inside Diameter 


Vinyl Tubing 
(10 per bag) 


(6 in) 

1.14 mm 
(0.045 in) 

0.69 mm 
(0.027 in) 

3.739 µl/cm 

(10 per bag) 


(6 in) 

1.22 mm 
(0.048 in) 

0.76 mm 
(0.030 in) 

4.566 µl/c 

Specialized Catheters:

Catéteres Yugular


Catéteres Intratecal


Catéteres Femoral


Catéteres Intraperitoneal


Catheter applications with ALZET Osmotic Pumps

  • Direct delivery of test agents pecisely into any target tissue or organ
  • Delay administration of test agents to allow for a surgical recovery period
  • Infuse for a short period using a longer duration pump
  • Create a time-patterned delivery of an agent

Note: No catheter is necessary when systemic delivery is desired. This is accomplished by subcutaneous or intraperitoneal implantation of an ALZET pump without a catheter.

Common Routes of Administration Requiring Use of a Catheter

  • Articular cavity
  • Blood vessels
  • Bone
  • Brain (solid tissue)
  • Brain (ventricles)
  • Ear
  • Eye
  • Muscle
  • Nerves
  • Spinal cord
  • Stomach
  • Tumors

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